Stuart Weitzman Women's Nudist Leather Heeled Sandal

Locked in the closet for hours, confused, shuffling through cloths. I have asked the same question which every woman ask from herself almost every alternate day. Why does a woman have not enough of cloths to wear?

Stuart Weitzman Womens Nudist Dress-Sandals

It’s my very close friend’s engagement party in few days and I have absolutely had no idea what to wear for the occasion. To make the matter worst, she has a color theme for her engagement party. And you’re right; she went for most clichéd color of the century representing women – Pink.

Stuart Weitzman Women's Nudist Leather Heeled Sandal
Stuart Weitzman Women’s Nudist Leather Heeled Sandal

I recently brought a pink dress for the occasion but I am very non-chic that way. I have dress collection in darker comfortable cloths. And I quiet enjoy my dresses. I am a big fan of boots and snickers, I like to pair all my short dresses with boots and style them differently. But since pink is not my color it was making my position worst. Now, I have the perfect pink color dress which I can carry well but don’t possess the shoes for it. Well, I would have tried snickers with pink dress but my friend wouldn’t give me the approval.

Exhausted me, preferred Googling the options and set the mark, on what I was expecting. I came across Stuart Weitzman Women’s Nudist Dress Sandals, available in many colors. It looked comfortable and stylish(Not to mention Kylie Jenner finds “Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandals” attractive too). Most importantly it was perfect match for my dress. As the sandals arrived, I couldn’t help and try these sandals as soon as possible. There is something magical about high heels. It makes you feel like queen of the planet. Having my early experience with the sandals, I quiet loved the sandals.

 Stuart Weitzman Women's Nudist Dress Sandal Black Patent
Stuart Weitzman Women’s Nudist Dress Sandal Black Patent

Well, we were all set for the party. My boyfriend came to pick me and he couldn’t help but adore me and surprised that I was not on my regular boots. I made more than few head turns. These sandals with my dress made me feel like I was precious and limited edition available on the face of plant. I decided,  I am going to gaga over these sandals and write review.

So, here is my review on

Stuart Weitzman
Women’s Nudist Dress Sandals

Quality gives quantity – It’s 100% leather and that ensure the life of the footwear. This footwear is very handy in different weather conditions.

Comfort – The soft leather sole and Lightly cushioned foot-bed ensures that long hours in sandal doesn’t trouble my precious feet. Leather sole makes these sandals comfortably stylish.

Style – There is something about heels, it styles your walking habit and bring elegance. The 4.5′ inch heel also make me look taller and it is blessing for my average height.

Look– Slender straps and covered stiletto heels make this sandals look classic for every dress. The adjustable strap with buckles makes it easier for every feet size.

Stuart Weitzman Womens Nudist Dress Sandals Black Goosebump
Stuart Weitzman Womens Nudist Dress Sandals Black Goosebump

Skirts: As I mentioned earlier, these sandals looks great with all skirts. It fit well with my longer skirts, mini skirts and dresses. A short skirt paired with beaded jewellery or long earrings. Long skirts paired with silk scarfs and this sandal is beautiful combination.

Jeggings: It complimented well with my comfortable tunic and jegging collections for work. That’s what a girl of my height would want. Pairing my tights with loose long top with long necklace, gave a perfect look.

Jeans: Jeans with pattern shirt with over coat goes well on casual evening hangouts. I love to pair my long earring with this combination.

Capri and shorts: You can pair all your shorts with these comfortable sandals these summer. Only piece of cloth I found these sandals hard to match was my jogging suit. Hope this review helps you to style your evenings.