Jeffrey Campbell Cors bootie

“A lot is said about a person, from his footwear”

Jeffrey Campbell Cors

My father would say this, giving justice to his years old experience in footwear industry while I was growing up. Perhaps, he is the reason that I have an elaborate collection of shoes.

There is something about footwear collections. My high school footwear collection still accepts me the way I am. But dresses I bought 3 weeks ago reject me due to my constant evolving body.

Comfort means a lot to my flat surfaced feet. My recent addition of Jeffrey Campbell Cors is all about comfort and style. The new set of Jeffrey Campbell Cors cost me around 160 $ .Due to huge demand, the color I wanted wasn’t available for a long time. After a long wait, I had my successful payment for my new JC Cors. As the delivery was made, I admired the feel of my new shoes. The leather was inspired from velvet which gives a rich look outside but it was softer like feathers from inside. I just couldn’t wait but try my new footwear, which has combined look of sandal and a boot styled with a lace. My feet absolutely fell in love with the comfort of the shoes and I fell in love with the style statement it provided me.

Here is my review on my new pair of Jeffrey Campbell Cors

Jeffrey Campbell Cors bootie

Leather: The material used in the JC Cors is from finest quality of leather- strong and built for rough use, which will ensure long life. The material made from suede leather with a napped finishing provides characterization of velvet material giving two shades of color. Shaft provided from top to bottom of the shoes provides styled sandal look. Quality of leather justifies the price of the Cors.

Heels: 3” heels are comfortable for my toes throughout the day in office. Cors comes with 3″ of heels with huge width. The width of heels provides extra comfort for my toes to carry it all day long. And who wouldn’t want an extra benefit in height carrying in day in and day out.


Zip and Lace: Adjustable Lace is saving misery for my broad feet. Fancy lace allows me to comfort my feet by gripping and loosing it. Addition of lace throughout the shaft coupled with zipper makes my feet as comfortable as held in a safe hand.
I have tried these beautiful set of footwear with most of my dresses and it surprises me every time by enhancing beauty of all of my dresses.

Skirts:  I have collection of short and long skirts. And you will be surprised that these cors were just amazing with all. It provided a chic look when worn with short dresses whereas it provided a cowboy look with longer skirts, thank god for double look in one. I paired my short dresses with short jackets.

Leggings: It blended so well with all of my winter tight dresses, be it leggings or any tights. It makes my legs look lean and tall. That’s what a girl of my height would want. Pairing my tights with loose long top with long necklace, gave a perfect look.


Jeans: Baggy Jeans and cargo folded till ankle paired with a short top and a pair of long earrings gives a perfect look for my evening casual party.

Capri and shorts: Shorts and Capri goes very well with these cors. I have tried my summer shorts with short loose top paired with sunglasses and short necklaces.
Well, the other day I saw Kelly Brook carrying the same cors in red color with a short dress. And I can’t tell how proud I was on my selection.

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