If you have missed the latest fashion update, do not worry I got you covered. Without a doubt the hottest fashion trends in shoes are “Jeffrey Campbell lita”.
A pair of litas, other than their amazing feel might even fetch you some compliments. I think most users will agree with me that Jeffrey Campbell litas are very easy to walk on and are super comfortable!

The price of litas ranges from $130 – $200 based on the material, color and patterns you choose.

Some may have to wait for few months to save up for a pair, like I did. Waiting is the worse part, I know but it increases your curiosity and eagerness. And when the Litas finally arrived at my doorstep, curiousness to open the package was overwhelming and needless to say I felt so happy to finally try them. I was walking everywhere with them on(even in my house) and loved every second of it !

Jeffrey Campbell lita Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Jeffrey Campbell Lita

So here is my review of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Bootie:

  • High quality material: The Original Jeffrey Campbell lita are made of high quality material – very tough and sturdy and hence they are long lasting. They are the work of art. Their craftsmanship must also to be appreciated. That is the reason for their high prices and I can honestly say it’s really worth it.
  • Bigger heels: Though the five inch heel can make you think that they are too tall, the two inch hidden platform make you feel like it is only three inches tall which is quite reasonable.
  • Adjustable lace: Also the lace permits you to tie them loose or tight as you wish and hence you can adjust the way it fits. So you can recommend this to your friends without having to worry about its after effects like falling or aching.
  • Recommended for short people: I recommend this especially for short people (like me) who would love to look a little taller. I felt more confident walking with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell litas on because of the stability they provide.
  • Available in various colors and patterns: They are very good looking and available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles like glittered, pony-haired, solid-colored, leopard print and many more. Also available in black and brown basic colors which suit for almost anytime, anywhere and for most dresses (I have a brown one as I felt it suits my collections). Check my recommendation of matching outfits below.
  • Suits many outfits: They go with most type of casual dress like shorts, Jeans, bell bottoms etc.
  • Find it bit pricey ? our Review of Jeffrey Campbell lita Dupes/Replica

Black Lita Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Brick Red

Some recommended matching outfits:

Tights and leggings: Jeffrey Campbell litas look great with any winter dress like a wooly pair of tights or a pair of leggings. You can also change a summer outfit into fall by adding a cardigan, scarf, tights, and of course the beautiful pair of Litas.

Jeans and Cargos: Lita boots are most popularly worn with skinny jeans and they suit flared Jeans too, but I love to wear them with a pair of skinny cargos.

Shorts and skirts: A mini with a matching top or a pair of shorts with pair of Litas will make your legs look very long (after all that is all what we want 😉 ).

Stockings and socks: A pair of stockings or cute socks that reaches a little above your ankles or a pair of fold-down socks with decorative lacey works will add beauty to the pair of Litas you wear.

Matching Accessories:
A fedora, a thick scarf, funky earrings, a stack of bangles and many such accessories can go well with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell lita. Above all choose dresses and accessories in which you are comfortable and don’t forget to beautify you with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell lita. Cheers to JC.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes

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Price: $129.65 – $180.00
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